2024-05-02 10:15 Engineers are currently investigating an issue impacting availability of service for users hosted on ‘cluster a’. Users may encounter problems access email via webmail and/or IMAP, POP and SMTP. 2024-05-02 11:30 Investigations are ongoing but testing confirms it is impacting a subset of mailboxes. 2024-05-02 12:00 Engineers have… Continue Reading Essential Email – Service Impact

2024-02-21 15:15 An issue has been identified that impacts a subset of users within the ‘Cluster A’ environment that prevents authentication. This results in sporadic logon prompts requesting a password or an inability to logon via webmail. The issue is currently being investigated by engineers. 2024-02-21 15:28 Engineers continue to… Continue Reading Essential Email – Logon Prompts

2023/07/20 @ 09:22 Engineers are investigating an issue impacting a small number of Essential Email users which prevents them from logging in successfully. 2023/07/20 @ 09:44 The issue has now been resolved.

2023/06/16 @ 10:30 We are currently experiencing an issue impacting users using the legacy smtpauth service for older device types. Engineers are working to restore service as soon as possible. 2023/06/16 @ 11:15 Engineers isolated the issue to a local networking issue which has now been resolved. Background investigations will… Continue Reading Legacy SMTPAuth

Update: 2023-05-03 00:25 Monitoring systems alerted that a large-scale DDoS attack directed to Cluster A of our Essential Email Service had been initiated on yesterday. Mitigation of the risks took place, however the unprecedented size of the attack exposed some limitations in the scalability of the authentication component of the… Continue Reading Essential Email