Remedial electrical work needs to be conducted to ensure the ongoing safety and reliability of our systems including the replacement and testing of upstream MCCB’s on the electrical system which have previously incorrectly tripped.

This work is scheduled to take place within a one hour maintenance window between 05:00 and 05:59 on Thursday, 14th June 2007.  We expect one short disruption to the power supply lasting up-to 30 minutes.

All servers will be shutdown at 05:00 in preparation for the work and should be back online by 06:00. During this normal services will be inaccessible. Inbound mail will be queued on our ‘off network’ backup MX.

The Status Website ( will be visible throughout the maintenance/downtime window.

2 thoughts on “Planned DataCentre Power Works (downtime)”

  1. All email services and most web services are back online. However, we are currently investigating an issue affecting a small number of servers coming back online.

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