A network outage is impacting availability of Mailbox 5 / 25 services. Engineers are onsite investigating the power supply and are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Update: 20:30

Confirmation that the power outage is the root cause and that it is being progressed by onsite engineers. The outage impacts a major POP so is impacting our Mailbox 5 / 25 services, along with many other providers due to the nature of the site both hosting services and acting as a transit point for connectivity.

Update: 20:50

We have received an update indicating that the server infrastructure is now powered and that engineers are now focusing on restoring network connectivity.

Update: 08:55

Engineers have resolved the network issues but a database issue persists. We are working proactively to restore service.

Update: 09:23

Access to mailboxes has been restored for the majority of users. Testing is ongoing so the service is still ‘at risk’ until we have verified all aspects are operating normally.

Update: 11:33

If you are encountering issues using an email client please temporarily use webmail at https://webmail.mailhostbox.com/ as a workaround to access email.

Update: 14:27

Delayed inbound email is currently being investigated but mailbox access and outgoing should be operating normally.

Update: 00:06

Mail should be flowing inbound and outbound, although delivery may be subject to a few minutes delay whilst backlogs are being processed.