We are planning to complete additional maintenance of SATURN today in relation to the outage experienced earlier this week. The maintenance will involve taking SATURN offline, we will endevour to keep the offline period(s) as short as possible.

The work will be completed today between 11:00 and 17:00 and is anticipated to result in downtime of no longer than 30 minutes.

1 thought on “Planned maintenance of SATURN”

  1. The initial work to replace one disk in the SATURN RAID array was completed but this indicated further issues. All disks have now been replaced and we are currently restoring user data (eg. websites) from our backup system, all data on SATURN will be restored from this morning’s backup (2am, 25/10/2006). Affected websites will come back online as soon as their specific data is restored.

    We apologise for any inconvenience but trust that you are reassured that we took steps to reduce the potential impact and that we are able to restore data from our routine backups.

    At present if you receive a “Error 404 – file not found” error when attempting to access your website please try visiting again later. We anticipate that all user data will be restored within the next few hours.

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