A problem has been discovered at the data centre which could result in stability issues with the UPS system. It has therefore been necessary for a scheduled maintenance window to be declared for 2006-08-24 between the hours of 3am and 6am.

During this window it will be necessary for us to power-down our systems in order to allow essential maintenance work to be conducted. This will result in a loss of access to all hosted websites, email and dedicated servers. ADSL and dialup customers will not be affected by this work. We have therefore given two weeks notice of this work.

The work has been specifically scheduled to result in the lowest impact on our customers by being completed during the earlier hours period.

2 thoughts on “Planned Power Works [2006-08-24]”

  1. Almost all of the power work has been completed, email and most the shared web hosting is back online.

    Contractors are working to restore power back to the last rack which contains some of our web servers.

  2. Most systems were powered back up at 06:08 this morning with the remaing servers being powered up slightly outside our original window at 06:59. We apologies for any inconvenience caused during this essential re-engineer work to the mains and UPS supply.

    All servers are now fully operational.

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