16/11 – Connectivity via some routes to DC1 has seen high latency which is being investigated by our upstream network provider.


We have experienced sporadic connectivity issues late this evening via a number of key routes which has resulted in either slow or intermittent access depending upon your logical location. Engineers from our upstream provider are investigating the root cause but normal access should now be in place.

Once we understand the root cause we/our upstream will work to mitigate a reoccurrence.


The issue that occurred yesterday evening into the early hours was due to a co-ordinateD Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack against our upstream network provider. Our network provider worked to mitigate the attack on their network and was able to do so by making a number of changes to how their network handles traffic. As a result of the changes the issue was resolved and this should allow them to mitigate against any similar events in the future.

We offer our sincere apologies for the intermittent connectivity encountered over several hours but assured every effort was being made by our upstream network provider to halt the disruption caused by this DDOS on their network.

As you will probably be aware this type of incident is not unusual on the Internet and can impact all services providers including the largest names online. Be assured we and our upstream provider who was impacted constantly monitor and act proactively to mitigate any service disruption.