Two power loss events occurred on Saturday 18th July resulting in a loss of both ‘utility’ (mains) power and UPS. Following each instance systems were slowly reinstated to ensure they came online in an appropriate order to restore service.

The issues were escalated with both the local mains network provider and electrical contractors to ensure a rapid resolution. Further details are pending the issue of an ‘RFO’ from our data centre provider.

Following restoration of service a small number of mailboxes were placed in an offline state, preventing access or delivery of emails. This numbered less than 1% of mailboxes and steps were taken to resolve. However, if you continue to encounter issues accessing your mailbox please first validate your password via webmail. If you are unable to access please contact support to investigate further.

DC2 was not impacted so mailFeed and mailRelay services continued to be available. We detected some mailFeed delays due to sending parties favouring DC1 (vmx1) and retrying delivery via it instead of via DC2 (vmx2) as per normal operating. Mitigation against this third party system behaviour is being progressed by adopting global server load balancing (GSLB).