2 thoughts on “Packet Loss”

  1. Our monitoring has identified the issue has now been resolved. We have been in contact with our upstream network provider throughout the incident and they advise their systems team will provide a full impact report once they have completed their analysis. We will post a summary as soon as we receive the report (24-48 hours).

    Our off-network DNS and Mail facilitiesd ensured that your domain name resolved reliability throughout and inbound mail would be queued for delivery if direct delivery was not possible.

    Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused by this intermittent issue.

  2. Our upstream provider has confirmed the packet loss issue arose due to a sustained DDOS attack against another customer. Due to the distributed nature it took the operations team some time to isolate the traffic and restore normal service.

    Once again please accept our apologies for any incovenience caused.

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